Guild Special Update

Vonda & Jim Drees


The Guild Board of Trustees is delighted to announce the hiring of our new Executive Directors, Vonda & Jim Drees.  The Drees will be moving from their current home in Texas and joining our staff in July.  Prior to their official start, Vonda & Jim will be at the Guild for our annual Legacy Luncheon on June the date with details to follow!


A letter of greeting from Vonda & Jim:


Greetings, Beloved Guild Community & Friends!


Grace overflows in the blessing to be named the new Executive Directors of the Grünewald Guild.  In deep gratitude, we humbly accept the invitation to continue the legacy created by Richard & Liz Caemmerer, and we are excited to work with all of you to grow and nurture this gift.


Our heartfelt thanks to Dan Oberg for his dedicated leadership as the Guild's Director during the past ten years.  From the moment we were received at the airport by Dan & Lois, to our parting conversation of the interview weekend, Dan & Lois' love for the Guild and its mission was contagious.


The spirit of the Guild has embraced us with every interaction.  The welcoming culture and creative energy of the Board, Staff and Community fed our whole being: heart, soul, mind and strength.  The natural and serene wonder is abundant and life-giving, and the Holy pulses with every step on that sacred ground.


Our life journey so far has given us skills, experiences and perspectives that we trust will help guide us in this role.  We have seen first-hand the transformative power of the Creative Spirit through art.  And when experienced in community as expressed in the Guild's core values "in a nurturing environment for creative discovery and artisitic expression," grace opens and connects us to one another.


We look forward to getting to know the broader Guild community and hearing your stories & dreams for the Guild so we can all serve as co-creators in setting the course for the future.  Thank you once again for this call to lead, living the mission of the Guild "to welcome and inspire all who seek to explore the relationships between art, faith & community."


Grace, Peace and Jubilee!


Vonda & Jim Drees