Guild November E-News Update

Spiral Island by Richard Caemmerer, Jr


Something Magical Fundraiser Concert, Saturday, November 14, 2:00pm at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynnwood.  Come celebrate the magic of the Guild with the Lacey String Quartet, the last stop of our Traveling Art Exhibit, What Sustains Us, the Farewell Address of Director Dan Oberg, and a Wine & Appetizer Reception.  Tickets are $15 and can be purchased with the link below:




As we complete our Fall season, we look toward the quiet, contemplative Winter season.  There are several ways for you to enter it with us:


Advent Family Weekend, December 11-13:  Join us as we take time to focus and experience the new beginning of the church year.  We will gather for times of worship, celebratory meals, a family-friendly bookmaking project, and Christmas movies by the fire.  Take advantage of a free afternoon to go skiing, or explore nearby Leavenworth.


Story of a Soul:  A Women's Weekend Book Retreat, January 15-17:  We are delighted to welcome best-selling author Karen Spears Zacharias, who will be joined by Retreat Leader Sally Freed, to encourage opportunities for listening, learning, sharing, reflection, and above all, to do what St. Thérése desired for all of us: "to be edified by each other's smallest virtues."


Winter Contemplative Yoga Retreat, January 22-29:  Join beloved Samarya Yoga Center leader Molly Lannon Kenny for a week of slowing yourself down.  Learn about the Yoga Sutras, the contemplative practices of Hindu, Christian and Islamic mysticism and develop your own home asana and spiritual practice over the course of the time together.