Guild January Update

a pine

dips its bristles

in a bowl of sky

brushes blue

on a winter white canvas

paints a self portrait

- Elaine Magliaro


We've been walking in a winter wonderland this holiday season!  Great purely for beauty and magic, but also great for our water supply in the coming hot summer months.  Speaking of which, our Summer class season, Jubilee, is open for registration, so make sure you get your spot!  Til then, we offer opportunities to soak in the snowy winter offerings.


Story of a Soul Retreat, January 15-17:  A truly special women's retreat for book and story-lovers.  Nothing is better for the winter season than book reading, discussion and fellowship.


Contemplative Yoga Retreat, January 22-29:  Molly Lannon Kenny, our beloved Samarya Yoga instructor, is offering a unique experience in yoga, silence and restoration.


Like a River Unfolding - A SoulCollage® Retreat, March 11-13:  Join popular facilitators Laurie Smith and Sally Freed for the healing experience of creating art with personal renewal.


Guild Songwriting Workshop, March 31-April 3:  This annual event is growing!  Favorite instructor Jan Krist leads our goofy brand of talented folks in creating great music.  Newcomers are encouraged to join; we welcome folks at any level of experience.


Samarya Yoga Teacher Training, April 8-22:  This exceptional training in yoga teaching has been hosted by the Guild for over 10 years now!  


Sacred Arts Week, Jubilee!, May 1-7:  Jubilee invites us to slow down, to celebrate rest, renewal and relationships.  It is an opportunity for second chances and transformation within ourselves and throughout our communities.  Favorite leaders Scott Burnett and Laurie Rudel will lead us in a powerful week of art and worship.