what are we?

We sometimes get people contacting us who have never heard of or visited the Guild before, and the question they most frequently ask is: "What exactly is the Guild?"  


Which is a great question.  


Our answer is usually along the lines of: "The Guild is something you have to experience to really understand."  However, we thought it would be worth trying to explain in words a bit about what the Guild is and what we do here.


We are a retreat center.  We have comfortable lodging facilities for you or your group to stay in, nestled on 16 acres of Cascadian woodland and bordered on one side by the Wenatchee River.  We have various spaces for you to hold group sessions, meetings, etc.  Or, if you just want to enjoy some private time away from the hustle and bustle of your life, we can provide the space for that as well.  We develop and put on many programs and workshops, but we also have windows of time throughout the year for groups or organizations to simply use our facilities as the environment for their own retreats (we have a cook on staff, so we can take care of all the meals for you as well).


We facilitate the exploration between art and faith/spirituality.  The Guild was founded as a place where people could express their journeys of faith through artistic media.  We have numerous art studios that allow people the time and space to do this, whether it be through an actual program offered by the Guild or a personal study or artist-in-residence opportunity.  Although the Guild was inspired and operated from the Christian faith, you do not need to affiliate yourself with that faith to participate or feel at home here: we do not have an agenda, nor do we seek to proselytize.  The ability to create and share art requires an atmosphere of mutual respect safety, and we take this very seriously.  All who come to the Guild are welcomed as part of the community.


We are a community.  There are half a dozen or so staff members who live on or near the Guild property year-round which function as a sort of intentional community.  When you arrive, you're not simply coming to a facility or piece of property, but entering into a community.  People who come regularly to the Guild often refer to it as their "home away from home."  And it is this aspect you can only understand if you come and experience it for yourself.


We are a space that allows for dialogue and convergence.  We live in times of great change.  In order to navigate these cultural and religious tremors an environment is needed in which people can engage in respectful and constructive dialogue, a space for "creative play" where new stories can be told and images created...a place where people from all walks of life can come together at the same table and share a meal together.


What we increasingly hear from people who come to know and experience the Guild is that a place like the Guild is important and greatly needed, especially today.  People need times of rest and respite.  They needs spaces in which they can experiment with their creativity or hone their artistic skills.  They need to be inspired or reflect upon their journey.  They need a place where respectful dialogue can occur and new ways of being and moving forward can be explored.


That's why we're here.  It's what we do.  It's who we are.


And we invite you to join us.