Summer Pricing

The pricing for classes during our summer program (June - August) is different than the rest of the year.  All costs below are on a per week basis since all of our summer classes are 7 days in length.  To determine your cost, choose the number of classes you would like to take for the week, your preferred lodging accommodations, and then include food.



One Class: $250

Two Classes: $350




Homestead/Fiber Arts Studio

Shared (two people/room): $200

Private (when space permits): $400

Youth (5-16): $130

Child (4-): $65


Library Dorm: $120

Yurt: $200 (queen bed)

Guild Tent: $85

Own Tent: $50

RV Hookup (space limited; electric only): $85




Adult: $200

Youth (5-16): $130

Child (4-): $65