General Information

Arrival and Departure: Directions to the Guild can be found here.  If you are coming for a weekend retreat (and unless you have made plans with us otherwise), please arrive no earlier than 3 p.m. so that our staff has time to prepare your room.  If you are traveling on Sunday, you should plan to depart from campus by 1 p.m. or earlier (especially if you are driving west toward Seattle as Sunday traffic can back up on the highways).



Settling Accounts:  Your invoice is confirmation of your registration.  When you check in, please visit Anne in the office and be prepared to pay any remaining balance you may have.  We accept checks, cash and Visa/Mastercard.



Meals and Kitchen: Everyone eats meals together - staff, guests and faculty.  The Homestead and Fiber Arts building have small refrigerators and microwaves for any extra food/snacks you may want to bring with you.  The Centrum also has a community refrigerator you can use for personal food items.  The kitchen is for staff use only.  Please let us know when you register if you have any food allergies or severe intolerances.  Our cook is conscientious about accommodating dietary needs, however, if your diet is highly restricted we ask that you bring along extra food to supplement the meals we prepare.



Weather and Clothing:  Dress at the Guild is generally casual.  If you are taking an art class, you will want to pack some old clothing or a smock that may become messy or stained.  The important thing to remember about weather at the Guild is that the temperature and weather can change quite drastically in one day.  


Summer - Temperatures in the summer may range from the 40s/50s in the evening and early morning to 100*F in the afternoon.  While it is often sunny all day long, nights are almost always cool, so a light jacket or sweater is good to have.  Mosquito season is generally during June and early July (the rest of the time they are not as bad since the climate tends to be dry).  Rain is rare: we often have only a downpour and a few showers over the length of an entire summer.  


Fall & Spring - Temperatures during this season typically range between the 40s and 70s (*F).


Winter - Winter temperatures can range between the teens and 30s, but temperatures can drop below zero (*F).  In an average year, the campus has a covering of 3-4' of snow.  Bring boots (all pathways and parking lots are snow-covered) and warm clothing. 



Recreation: The Guild is located in the Plain Valley and and nestled in the eastern slopes of the Cascade mountain range.  Lake Wenatchee State Park is close by for swimming in the summer and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding in winter.  Our 16 acres of property border the Wenatchee River.  Before planning a hike, either alone or with others, please check in for information on good places to go and for an update on current wildlife activities - deer, bear, cougars, raccoons and other wildlife about within the vicinity of the Guild.



Smoking/Fire Danger: Smoking, incense and lighted flames of any kind are NOT permitted in any of the Guild buildings. You may smoke outside the entrance of most buildings where you find a "butts" can.  This is a wildfire danger zone, especially during our dry summers!



Pets: We have no provision for housing pets.  Please be sure to make arrangements for your dogs, cats, etc. to remain at home while you are visiting as they are not allowed on campus.



Children: Children are welcome at the Guild under adult supervision.  Please contact us if you plan to bring a child under 5 years old.



Accommodations:  Most shared rooms have twin beds, closet, dresser and in-room sinks.  Shared bathrooms are on each floor.  Sheets, towels, blankets and pillows are provided so there is no need to bring them unless you have some favorite items from home.  Other amenities may include a refrigerator, microwave and laundry facilities.


Telephones/Computers/Post Office:   

Telephones: Cell phone service is dependent on the provider you use.  Often service is better outside the buildings. There are no phones in the guest bedrooms, but there is one designated phone line for guests, located in the phone booth in the Centrum.  Please be aware that all guests will be using the same phone for personal communication.  You will need to use your own phone card.  To reach the Guild office by phone or fax, dial 509.763.3693.  Please use this number for business or emergencies only.  If you need to leave a phone number for personal calls, please use the phone booth line (509.763.9994).

Computers:  There is a guest computer (Mac) as well as WiFi service available in the Centrum. 

Stamps:  If available, you can purchase stamps from the office and use the mailbox at the Guild.  The Guild store also has an assortment of cards created by Guild artists.  The nearest post office is in Leavenworth, a 20-30 minute drive from the Guild, depending on conditions.  UPS does provide pickup service if needed.



Shopping and Personal Finances:  There is a delightful footbridge just behind the Library that leads to town. Just Plain Grocery and Plain Hardware & Gifts are within walking distance, less than one mile from the Guild.  There you may buy snacks, toiletries, etc.  If you have transportation or take the Link bus, you will be able to shop in Leavenworth or Wenatchee. The banks in Leavenworth are Cashmere Valley Bank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Just Plain Grocery has an ATM machine located at the front of the store.



Library:  The Guild has a small, well-stocked library that contains many books on art and religion, as well as various works of fiction, non-fiction and reference.  You are free to check out books during your time at the Guild or just browse.  The Library is located in the bottom floor of an historic schoolhouse building.  People who use the Library are asked to be considerate of people staying/sleeping in the dorm space above.