Artists in Residence

this is your time.


make something of it.






I made 15 paintings during my residency at Grunewald. I’m not sure how to describe that sort of productivity other than to say that the Guild is magical. Creativity is everywhere with artwork... from thirty years of people working here. I was welcomed to the program with open arms... I’ve been looking at other residency opportunities for the coming year and compared to the Guild, most others seem kind of dull! 

- Niki Sherey, 2013 Artist in Residence


The Guild was the perfect place to fulfill a life long dream: the production of a musical album. The authenticity of the community, combined with the dreamy ambiance of the Plain Valley, allow for a rich experience in creation... and self reflection.

- Tristan Bach, 2012 Artist in Residence



Guild residencies offer...


focused creative time

Whether you’re here for a single weekend or several months, this time is yours to invest in your work. Leave distractions behind, and focus on exploring a fresh set of ideas in your sketchbook, discovering an unfamiliar material or technique, or putting the finishing touches on a long-awaited project.


dedicated work space

Eight dedicated studios and work spaces offer you the tools and equipment to support an impressive range of media and processes. All studios are open 24 hours a day. More information & downloadable studio specs are available here.


Private studio space is available on a limited basis.


nurturing community

The supportive, diverse, and ever-changing community of the Guild offers a highly supportive and encouraging environment for creative exploration. Many resident artists choose to participate in the community by teaching classes or workshops during their time in residence.


inspiring natural world

From a meandering walk through the Guild garden to a rugged hike in the mountains, you will discover ample ways to engage with the stunning natural environment of the North Central Cascades. Rafting, skiing, fishing, and biking are just a few of the outdoor activities readily accessible to the Guild campus.



The Program


who can be a resident artist?

Residencies are available to individuals at all levels of artistic development who are prepared to work independently and whose artistic processes can be successfully supported by the Guild’s studio facilities. Athough our spaces are primarily designed for visual artists, we welcome residents working in all creative disciplines, including writers, musicians, performers. Residents must be 18 or older at the start of the residency.


when are residencies offered?

Residencies typically last from 3 -12 weeks. The fall residency season runs September 1 - December 31, and the spring season runs January 1 - May 30. Due to the Guild's extensive summer program, we are unable offer residencies during the summer months. 


how are residencies structured?

Our residency program is volunteer-based, and we provide artists with lodging, meals, & studio space at no cost in exchange for part-time volunteer service to the Guild. Artists in residence commit to spending a minimum of 20 hours/week in the studio working on their own projects, as well as 15-20 hours/week in volunteer service to the Guild community. Resident artists are invited to participate in the Guild's monthly community art group as well as any Guild programming taking place during the residency period.


where do resident artists live?

Most artists in residence are housed in the library dorm, but housing availability varies based on the ever-changing community of the Guild. Unfortunately we are not able to provide housing for residents' partners, dependent children, or pets.




Past Resident Artists

Interviews with many of our recent resident artists are featured on the Guild's blog, the Scriptiorium:


Louisa Rorschach (printmaking)

Jordan Pemberton (painting)

Jeneve Parrish (drawing & painting)

Teresa Fitzgerald (painting)

Jillian Blackwell (ceramics)

Emily Ann Peterson (songwriting)

Sarah Fagan (painting)

Kelly Goss (fiction writing)

Laura Bourdo (collage)

Bonnie Klatt (fibers)



The Guild community is grounded in ecumenical Christian hospitality, and embraces people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Our campus is located in a rural area, and we're passionate about actively recruiting residents who can enrich our community with diverse experiences & outlooks. 


The application form may be downloaded below. Applications for Fall 2017 (September 1 - December 31) are due April 30, 2017.


Questions? Please contact the Art Program Manager, Sarah Jane: sarahjane (at) grunewaldguild (dot) com